Plane Crash Info Needed

Im working on a movie with a few friends of mine. There is going to be a scene in it where a large passenger plane crashes. The only problem is that i have no idea how to set up a simulation of this sort. Or a simulation in general. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have a friend with adobe aftereffects but i would like to use the compositer in blender instead. I am more familier with the compositer and the guy with aftereffects isnt that good. Tutorials or just info on how you would do this would be a massive help

What you need is a Particle emitting plane under the airplane that follows it, and sprays up rocks and dirt. You’re also going to need smoke- use the airplane as an emitter, and don’t forget to make the camera shake.

What about fire?

Smoke can be used to add fire. Assuming you know how to make a smoke material, fire is similar. See Andrew Price’s tutorial.

Thank you. Ill look at that and incorperate it into my model

The website really has every tutorial for a buncha stuff that i have been working on lately. Its pretty cool. To bad I didnt find this before now