Plane crash

hi, would like a plane to follow a animation path and just before impact, switch to rigid bodysimulation with prescattered parts.
i tried a lot of different ideas, it kind of works, but as soon as i turn of animated on the rigidbodies, they seem to repell each other, resulting in moving apart before impact, what looks rubish. i tried using constraints to keep them sticking to each other, but none of the settings worked. i would also like to have them parented to an empty that is following the path animation. but i read parenting is not recommended with rigidbodies.
any help would be nice.

I tried different avenues, and finally created different versions of the plane. I moved a whole plane through the air, and at first impact I keyframed it at point of impact and next keyframe it was underground. Meanwhile a fractured plane was waiting underground and at the disappearance of the first I popped up the second. The whole sequence has seven aircraft in various stages of increasing disintegration. It’s not super realistic, but is more a schematic of a crash. You can see my videos on Youtube tagged N137US.