plane flipping

Hello all
I am making an fps game and have an actuator which adds a plane in front of the gun when fired. this plane is textured to be the muzzle flash. But what happens is, when the plane is added, (its life span is 2 tics) it is lieing flat in front of the gun so the textured bit is facing up towards the sky. How can i flip the plane every time it’s created?

flip it in edit mode.

could you be more specific…?
in 3d window it is currently flipped and facing how I want it too be (its in layer 2) but when it is added in the game preview render thingy, it is flat facing up

try flipping 90 degrees on the different axes in edit mode.(‘R’, [x,y, or z], 90)

Works perfectly thanks. Now just a little somethhing extra, how can I make the plane rotate itself randomly on 1 axis everytime its created?

the motion actuator, have the object that adds it constantly rotating on that axis.