Plane flyby composite

Hello, I modelled a plane in blender and then composited into a mountain. Please let me know what you think. And can you import avi files into blender?

How do I get it? The link wants me to login or register, but I get the impression thats if you want to send a file to someone…

Ok, well here’s the youtube link.

Way too fast. That’s all I can say. Make it longer.

Yeah…I actually missed the plane the first time.

make it longer, maybe move the camera a little too…

yeah , good shot, but way to fast, you could make the plane making some more movements perhaps and add a camera folowing.

They’re going to crash!!!

The excessive speed might be a YouTube ‘stutter’, it went by way too fast the first time but when I replayed it I could see it clearly.

Still a bit too fast. And why not try motion blur?