Plane game, free to be used

this is my first attempt to work on GE, i was on 2.49 and i need a long long (too long!) time to make it, and there are still tons of bugs.
there is no scripting inside, everything has been done on nodes.
it uses GLGS

it’s just a plane that runs around the world (in fact the world rolls in front of it) and have to pass trough some beacons, the plane can shot but there is no enemy or breakable item, and the explosions are pretty creepy

i give it you as resource, i wont work on it anymore and it couldn’t be called complete because it isn’t
it could be a bit messy because it’s my first try

ask if you need something

tthe sky and clouds look very good I like the toon style you did with it

thanks, i wanted to get deeper with the graphics but took me too much time, have you got any idea how to make the clouds start to generate before the game starts?