Plane- new update page one and page five at the bottom

Her goes…

:Z <—well you can at least comment on that…[/img]

Nice start.

You need to reclaculate your normals to the outside though, that is why you have all thos eblack spots all over the place. Select your mesh and make sure you have all the verts selected and then press CTRL+N.


Looks like its coming along nicely. Is this going to be a WWII era type of plane of ficticious nature or something futuristic?

Hmmm… well I know all about the recalculatin stuff with ctrl n and all that… I am just waitin until I get the back closed off… and I am also havin some troubles with the frame, because then the frame goes black, and the nose… so I am going to wait on that… and for the type- I am heading more of a futuristic appeal… when I am done with it… It should be like a gunship, the engines will rotate so it can do kind of a hover… I am thinking about putting a prop on the back too… not quite sure though- thank you for the comments! DMBadCat-badfuz-MYBUNNY! <-don’t ask :expressionless:

wouldn’t let me delete this post

Could you give us a run-down of what you changed?

Well, changing from the first, I fixed the color, so the normals are back on the right side again, and I increased the prop angles… and thinned the props, and I smoothed a few things… next I am going to continue the back end, and supply some smaller images of different angles…

woohoo! ok… well today, this is what I have come up with… I still need to add sections, such as a cockpit, windshield, some tubes, wires,ailerons, etc… other than that, what should I add? could someone help me out?EDIT:and gear too :stuck_out_tongue: hate to land without one, then again, this thing will be hovering :smiley:

I’d say junk the rear propeller. Its too flimsy looking.

ya it seem to be “too much”…just put a nice “wing”

like on plane…no need of a verticale propeller

it look like a great model!

Keep it up!

ahhh I can’t keep my itsy bitsy twisty thing on the back? hmm… I guess I could work things out :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, well I chopped it off, any better? what else should I change? keep em comin!

MUCH better. Break out those textures.

This is deffinately a cool model. One word for you VTOL.

Vertical Take Off and Landing. This craft has all the necessaries for this critera. Just spin the engine units upwards.

You maybe have this in mind already.:smiley:


and the thought goes yep- I came up with this 2 weeks ago for that purpose alone… and then I called it a “future” model 8)

hmm this looks cool. i’d like to see it textured for sure!

one more thing; I’m not an engineer or anything, but I’m pretty sure that for an airplane to get airborne, it needs wings to generate a lift-force. I’m not sure anything on your plane is performing this function, so it might be very tricky to get it up.

…unless you fly it like a helicopter with the props facing up…?

Fortunately its fake. Suspension of disbelief… “imagination” They’re both part of art.

A couple of non believers? hmm… Apparently you haven’t seen that kind of craft? although mine won’t be the least bit stable… there are craft that can fly straight up with propellers… I didn’t really research them, but they exist…
ahhh google, my friend

(that is why the engines are HUGE)

Lol…I was defending your design. I know they exist. Ever heard of the V-22 Osprey? Its such a problematic design that they withdrew it from service for a while. Not sure what the status of the program is now. I was saying your design is based on something real but obviously wouldn’t work…and since its a piece of art…I don’t see why every detail has to be accurate.