A while ago, I noticed something with most space simulators. I could see the polygon edges of the planets. For some reason, this bugged me, so I opened up Blender to try a different way to deal with this problem. The result? Plane-t.

Note: The blend was created in the latest svn version of Blender. Although, the file should still work in Blender 2.45.


an almost perfect fake :slight_smile:

only problem I see is that the texture blurs out and seems to move on the right in animation…

other than that the result is truly amazing…

fergot to pack data…methinks :wink:

The only image that should be packed is the normal. I decided to not include the displacement because the warp was doing some strange stuff. Then again, the warp could fix the texture issue. Layers two and three should have a plane and half a sphere for recreating the displacement texture.