Plane that just casts shadows , cant figure it out.

Hi , i want to add some 3D stuff to a still picture of me, ha ha , now you can see who i am :smiley:

Well , i want the plane to only cast shadows and Ambient oclusion.

I got my plane for the shadows with the alpha to zero, zTransp on,shadows in the render buttons on,raytracing also,ambient occlusion on,layers mixed in the compositorā€¦

But i get no shadows, how do i do this ?

this is what i get, no shadows :eek:

If you look at the render pipeline in the links and pipelines tab in Material buttons, youā€™ll see a button that says ā€œOnlyCastā€. Should do it.:wink:

See BLEND file.

The red plane only casts shadows and the green plane only receives shadows.


shadow_planes.blend (134 KB)