Plane to Sphere

(Flawless_ko) #1

Ok - this might sound wierd but:

I want, in an animation, to transform a plane into a sphere.

I’ve tried all kinds of warps to try and get it done, but always in the wrong order.

I know it can be done - because last night i used two successive warps to turn it into a sphere ( and, obviously, proceeded to delete it - lol )

Any help would be much appreciated!


(hweihe) #2

1.) Create a GRID in Top View (x-y-view). Stay in Edit-Mode with all vertices selected (yellow))

2.) In x-z-view place the 3d-cursor above the middle of the grid.

3.) Press Shift-W and warp the Grid 360 degrees. You get some kind of tube. Stay in edit-mode.

4.) In the y-z-view press shift-w again and warp once more 360 degrees. This is easier if you extremely zoom in, so you get smaller number changes by mouse movement.


UPDATE: I tried it once more. At step 4 it is enough to warp 180 degrees.

(Flawless_ko) #3

Thank you OH so much…

There’s a phase 2 to this - but I think i’ll start a new topic for it.

Your help is extremely appreciated!



If i do that in an animation - what type of keyframe do i have to add for it to take notice of it?


(hweihe) #4

You have to insert a mesh-key. At frame 1 create the grid. While still in edit-mode, press I and then mesh. Go to another frame (i.e. 100). Modify the grid and in edit-mode press I - mesh again.

I’m not sure if all vertices must be selected before inserting the key. But you must be in edit mode.


(Flawless_ko) #5

Thanks - the next part will be in the main forum again - so you can answer it there if you can :slight_smile:

Thanks again


(Flawless_ko) #6

I got 360 degrees at step 4 first time i tried it.

Now i’m doing it againfor the animation - i can’t get that…

When i go into FULL zoon - and move the cursor one increment up - the first step is about 480 and the lower one is -280ish … so i can’t get to 360/180 - any ideas ?

I may just see if i can get a multiple of it up in the millions somewhere :smiley:

Thanks - Gareth

(hweihe) #7

Hmm, funny. I had these high values before zooming in. If I zoom up, so that I see only about 10 vertices, with CTRL pressed I get steps of five. Maybe you should scale up your initial grid? I scaled mine by factor 10.


(Flawless_ko) #8

Yeah - tried that too :wink:


Didn’t work :smiley: