plane with a hole

is there anyway to make a round hole in the middle of a plane or cube??

sure, add a plane from top view, subdivide it, delete all the inside verts, then, still in edit mode, still in top view, add a circle. now select the circle, and the remaining edges of your plane, and press shift F. then press alt F to clean it up a bit.

You could also do it with curves. Add a Bezier circle and with all the verts selected, hit V and you should get a square. Then, add another circle right in the same place and without leaving edit mode. Scale it down so it fits inside the square. Curves subtract from each other, so the circle will cut a hole in the cube. Also remember that Text can be converted into curves by hitting Alt+C, so it can do the same subtraction thing.

When you have the holes you want, leave edit mode and hit Alt+C and convert to mesh.


I did it this way:

Subdivice your plane a few times.

Select a square of vertices you would like the hole inscribed to

in edit mode, choose map to sphere, 100%…


Delete the inside vertices.