Planes in collisions

This should be simple, but I can’t find it anywhere.

How do you make a plane cause collisions? My object just goes through it, but if i extrude it into a box, then it works. I want the object to count it as a collision when it hits my plane…


You could make a very thin box so it would look like a plane :slight_smile:

EDIT: it works fine at me. (the thing with a plane) Did you set up all objects as actors?

Ya, i did set up both of them as actors. But i can’t make it a box, because i have a uv image with alpha on it. It would mess up the whole thing.

Well, I cant reproduce your problem. Could you post here your blend file, some demo of your problem?

Can’t… sorry problem with my internet.

Thanx anyway, i’ll trie to figure it out.

Just to let anybody know,

I fixed the problem. I made the plane a box and added a second material to the box. This material was invisible (alpha: 0 and z transparency) and i made 5 of the face be invisible. So, i have a box, but only one of the sides is visible.