PlaneShift, a 3D mmorpg - Looking for modelers


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Game Features
The following list represents some of the features of the final product.

 ![]( 12 playable races with unique traits!
   ![]( Unlimited professions through a skill system,
   ![]( Original magic system with six Ways of magic,
   ![]( Hundreds of spells,
   ![]( Numerous huge worlds to explore,
   ![]( A great number of quests to test your wit and skill,
   ![]( Monsters and NPCs with good AI that produce game events,
   ![]( A world that evolves with or without player interaction,
   ![]( Create your own house or castle,
   ![]( Politics and economy,
   ![]( ... and much much more!

Client Features

The following list represents some of the features of the final product. 3D graphics and sounds for an immersive experience, Support for most major platforms: Windows (Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98), Linux (x86 and amd64), and MacOSX, OpenGL support with advanced graphics capability through the Crystal Space 3D engine, Easy interaction with other players through messages and chat, Drag-n-drop objects between world and inventory, A complex character generator, with parents, jobs, life events, etc., … and much much more!

Join The Team!

Here are 10 reasons why you should dedicate some of your time (or your entire life, as you prefer) to PlaneShift:

  • PlaneShift is the first 3D MMORPG to be free for all players to play, as much as they want
  • Thousands of fans will see and enjoy what YOU made
  • It will not be your job, but your hobby, so you can really enjoy it and work in the areas you like best
  • The team is ever growing, with talented people from all over the world sharing the same dream
  • Unlike pro games, no commercial constraints such as money, time, or schedule can stop us. Only our own quality standards and talents determine how far we can go
  • We are a fair, friendly and happy team! With contributors from 11 countries currently, you can make new friends all around the world–all with talents and interests similar to your own
  • We have a unique license which we feel will ensure the success of the project and the integrity of the game we are creating
  • The core engine is released under GPL giving to it endless life and endless ability to improve.
  • You will have the chance to contribute to the fun of thousands of players
  • With our vision of free and open code and free play, Planeshift Will shake the gaming community in the next few yearsFor more information on recruitment -

In-Game Screenshots

I would like to join, but more information plz.

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@ ragchan, All of the additional information you could want can be found on the website (,

yes, indeed, it is the wrong forum category!

Hmm, well since nobody has commented on the game yet, I must say the design is quite polished and the visuals look really good. The idea of it being an open mmorpg sounds cool - imagine how big it could get as the community could create new content. It looks like it’s been around for a while too. Just a pity that I have a bad history with mmos, so I should probably stay away:p

Checking out the videos it seems that one of the major things that needs a lot of work is the interaction of the avatar with the world. Things like spell animations, fighting, walking. Like, walking in games should be seamless, but I notice that the footsteps are out of sync with the speed of the character - i.e movement is noticeably faster than the strides, so the character is kinda sliding around. That’s the sort of thing that I would always notice. I know it’s fairly hard to avoid some sliding, otherwise the characters take forever to get somewhere, but tweaking the effect always helps. And you guys need to make an official gameplay video once you’ve got those things ironed out.

I’m interested as to how long this has been online?

I first saw this over 6 months ago.

i first started playing this game some 2-3+ years ago, can’t really remember that well anymore, anyways its had a good progression :slight_smile:

I’d like to work on it, but my computer can’t even run the game, so…keep up the fantastic visuals! :]

@ Dan, Firstly, thank you for the feedback… Planeshift has been in development for around six years… I find it amazing to think that the game has been created out of peoples free time.

@Felix_Kutt, The development team grows on a weekly basis, so as time goes, the rate of development also increases, which is quite promising for the future.

@Dudewithasock, That is quite a shame, but it is also promising to hear that you would have liked to join the team :slight_smile:

i would join the development if you don’t mind me being slow :wink: (i have a few other projects all-so at hand, but some low-poly is all ways fun!)

haha qft it’s pretty resource intensive. but the graphics are nice for an mmo.

i abhor playing MMOs or else i’d check it out, but i remember seeing this a few years back and it’s nice that you guys have done so much with it. good luck with it.

Indeed valarking, it is resource intensive… but we think its worth it :wink:

And thanks for the ‘luck’… :slight_smile:

This looks fantastic, I am glad I stumbled across this thread!

Excellent polished visuals, top notch :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this kind comment, its this kind of comment that makes all our hard work worth it :smiley:

Here are some things other people said about PlaneShift…

(on the topic of joining the team)
“do it!
I’ve always been impressed with PlaneShift and how much they’ve been able to accomplish. I encourage all artists with some spare time to join up with this project and help these guys out. They are putting together something truly fantastic.”

“[COLOR=#000000]Those guys are doing a great job!”

“I tried it, it’s rather good. The world is incredible”

Beautiful OS project. I really like to contribute something and think about commitments later when i know how it feels. What about listing some (example) tasks which we Blenderheads had to fulfill. What do you expect IN DETAIL? (I already read your recruitment page)

you guys have really updated the looks , nice job :smiley:

very nice, im impressed with this one, even though i dont play RPGs of any kind. i would definatly look into this one though, but the idea seems cliche… what with the warlocks and dungeons. is there anything revolutionary about its concept, somthing thats never been done before (besides being free)? i have always looked for an rpg that was set in modern times, or just some other time period besides the wizards and dragons deal. but thats just me.

but this does look like a very nice game, i dont think i could do much besides throw in easter eggs, make suggestions, and probably just get in the way. my mind ticks in a more modern setting, not dungeons and dragons. But you should be proud of whats been done so far, finally someone can kick that annoying runescape’s ass!:smiley:

Sorry - Double post.