Planeshift: a game in need of 3d artists

Bitching? Did you even read my post? You can attempt to write off my entire “factual” post as bitching. It’s an excellent sign of maturity. But I’m sure doing so would say more about you than me.

Developing yourself in the area of people skills is a must.

Also, I’ve worked on mods for doom, quake, quake 2, and quake 3. They were fun… back when I was in “middle school.” You know, when I had all the free time in the world, and I was more interested in customizing the game than actually playing it (I’m sure people thought my Kirby models were sub-par at the time). The thing is, these games had a huge following and were actually cutting edge.

It only proves what ogbog has said. If the product is good enough people will naturally extend a hand.

Now, motorsep (since you love being crass and have no problem denigrating other peoples work) take a hard look at the projects you are working on. Ask yourself, “is this something a person with any kind of sense would actually work on… let alone, for free?”

Another thing is that I work for free on the current game. So does my team. Everyone will be paid as soon as cash is there.

And if it yields you profit, more power to you. Often these projects just fall away. The odds are against anyone signing on.

Also I worked for very cheap, doing 3D art. Whatever I got paid was better than nothing. The company who I worked for can serve as a reference and I was able to gain more experience.

Who hasn’t worked this sort of job before? As a freelancer, being paid low wages in the beginning should probably be expected. Working for free should not. A low wage beats playing the lottery any day.

If the project is not for profit then advertising it an appropriate manner will alleviate most problems.

Oh yeah, my project is pile of shit. You know it ropsta. And it doesn’t matter that it got into Top 100 for IotY 2010 competition, got accepted to Steam and won Unigine license.

But, hey, what do I know… I can’t beat a God of Mods…

You said it. Not me. I was hinting at the dated look and the poor screen shots. If you gave those to anyone today and said hey, “I want you to work for nothing or close to that,” they’d… respond like you’re trying to cheat them.

Yeah, that line was kinda open but, at this point it seems jumping to negative conclusions and reading what you want to read are your forté. So I’ll say my bad, and then add… REREAD my posts instead of throwing out half thought out responses that makes you come off as obscenely arrogant.

And it doesn’t matter that it got into Top 100 for IotY 2010 competition, got accepted to Steam and won Unigine license.

But, hey, what do I know… I can’t beat a God of Mods…

You see that? The anger… the sarcasm… the entitlement? That’s why your post was met with such negative response. You pretended as if you were doing people a favor by “allowing” them to work on a game most never even heard of. The award came after all the hard work and semi-slave labor. Remember that… every time you stick your chest out.

It doesn’t matter how many awards your game wins. If you are, in real life, anything close the persona you present online then things are going to go very slow.

As for god of mods… I’m not even close to that. Hell, my including that information was partly at your request. I’m not sure what you mean by “beat”… I’m not playing a game.

It’s always easier to fish for conflict rather than see the point a person is trying to make.

Wish you much success on your project. I hope you are fair to your employees in the future.

hmmm… another @!^^6 [email protected]#5 is waisting my time and time of people who reads all that…

And yes, that’s how I am in real life if you piss me off.

I don’t want to re-read your post. That’s why we need “Help Wanted” section. Either no one replies, or only interested ppl reply. This way no discussion such as this one will take place.


Uh… Good luck, man.

thank you ropsta

Make love not war.

On topic, this project seems pretty interesting. I’ll check out which positions are open (cause only PR seems open at the moment).