Planet Blender v2 beta1

Hi all,

I’ve done some small updates on Planet Blender again. You can now browse through all the pages with blogs. Currently over 2400 posts, so lots to read :slight_smile:

Next to the history navigation, I have now also made the RSS feed of Planet Blender available. Just add it to your favourite feed reader and voila. Happiness!



ps. a new blog feed has been sent in and approved, too.

Thank you very much for creating and maintaining Planet Blender, jesterKing.

It is fun, dynamic, and very informative to follow!


Great site, but it doesn’t work with Opera Mobile :frowning:

(it’s the default browser on HTC smart phones…)

When are you going to style the site via CSS?

Whew, and I thought I would have to spend my day working… Thanks Nathan!

@RobertT: You’re very much welcome :slight_smile: As you may have noticed, I’ve accepted the feed of your blog too!

@oogsnoepje: you need a javascript-capable browser indeed. But I hope that the RSS feed for now will satisfy immediate needs

@accessoire: The entire site is styled via CSS. Minimally so, but CSS nonetheless.

@Hoverkraft: Enjoy reading :slight_smile:


Hmm ok … to me it has the look of a not styled website. Like you’re watching a website in notepad ^^.
It really looks as if the layout is still in beta stadium. I’ve been thinking you’re busy with other stuff about the site and a new layout is coming later.

Ah, well, I have chosen for a very minimalistic style, indeed. I’m a fan of Courier New, as you can see :wink: But really, about every styling on the site is CSS. The process bar under the Durian banner is even 100% CSS.

EDIT: It is likely that I’ll change the styling of Planet Blender at some point, to be more graphically inclined, but for now the development focus is on the technical side.


Cool, subscribed. Thanks.