Hey guys,

I finally got around to setting up the RSS ageragating site as I mentioned in this topic:

You can find it now at:

Basically it combines several Blender blogs into one. If you have an interesting blog about Blender please drop a line in this topic.


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Yay ! another great source of wasted time ^^
It’s good to see that blenderartists is finally getting some content :slight_smile:

Working on a site design right now, should be up with word press this week.

I’ve got a new rss feed to add to my Google Desktop v2 sidebar…Thanks Timothy!!!

Will there be a feature to distinguish different blogs with different image/avatar/color/design/something ?

They are sorted by date, as it should be, but it makes it a little harder to subconciously know what is the entry about and from where it travels :stuck_out_tongue:

And maybe an optional short couple-words intro at what is the blog about?


OK, my site is up:

So… is anyone going to add the blog to this?

Excellent. Very cool.

very cool. cant wait to see all the new cool things in blenderartists, even if i dont like the name :slight_smile:

“…even if i dont like the name”

This made me giggle after reading:

“Open Source. Open Mind.” in your signature :slight_smile:

hey i am still keeping an open mind about it… it just strikes me the wrong way… :slight_smile:

So… is this ever going to come back? I really liked it.

yes, I’ll get around to setting it up again maybe tonight, but otherwise definately this weekend at the latest (there is some other server stuff that still needs to be done).


Alright! Great job guys.

Just some more information to clear things up, is currently not available because we changed servers. Getting and up an running was our first priority.

Awesome! Thanks for the input and all of your (collective) hard work.

So… um… it’s been a really loong weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news on this?