Planet City

While I was waiting around for someone to post somethin about my backpack, I was looking through some scripts. I dleted the center cube and added a Uv32x32 sphere. Then I hit the discombobulator script, and came up with this amazing mesh. To me it looked like a city. So I added a secong UV sphere to the scene and colored it grey. So here’s my beginning of planet city.
Huge file: Still wonder if I’m gonna texture building or not, crazy stuff.

Interesting concept :slight_smile:

Looks awsome, one tip: try making the main sphere a color like grey so you could see it:confused: just a thought:confused:

That is so cool. :smiley:

And ‘Planet City’? Sounds like Coruscant (from Star Wars :stuck_out_tongue: )

It looks like something through a fish-eye lense to me :slight_smile: - Looks great.

Looks good so far, now the tricky part would be to texture it. You do note in the discombobulator script interface there’s options for assigning different materials to the different parts,

Here’s what u can accomplish with moving the camera in, a never ending city in all directions.

lol i had the idea like a year back, but kinda gave up on it, as modeling on so many angles is vertualy imposible… at least for me lol

gotta Transforners planet killer ( what was that dude’s name? ) look to it.

brilliant concept spen

was this on a UV sphere? I noticed that the buildings get tiny as you approach the north and south poles of your “planet”. Personally - I think that detracts from it.


Actually, I think you could probably make something like the death star if you used this technique on a larger scale.

For those who don’t know that’s what discombobulator does. Everything is relative to the size of the quad it grows potrusions and doodads on. You could apply subsurf to a cube and try it that way.

would be very cool to texture sides of bldgs with videos of people doing stuff in their homes, and fly around miniworld.