planet E (update 11/19/04, pg 2: IPO variations)

Update: Please see page 2 for the second render :wink:

Something created while exploring 2.35’s new particle features

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very nice.

i expected a more complex material for you

but it is nice anyway.

clever idea

Thanks SamAdam :slight_smile: I decided to keep this one somewhat basic in terms of materials in order to focus mostly on the form. It was a nice little break from some massively complicated blends I’ve been working on recently. As always, more to come… :wink:


Robertt, stop making such great stuff!

Aw, it’s okay… keep it up!

Nice very Escher like.

heu… it’s a bunch of cubes.
maybe in feature test?

PlantPerson and paradox: Thanks! Yes, E = Escher :wink:

Gabio: Maybe it was inspired by the new splash :wink:


hehe, next time robertt, I don’t know why, but you splash had some potential too.

anyway, try a ipo on your cube to animate it’s progression on duplication. it give cool result.

Thanks Gabio :smiley: I’m REALLY enjoying the new 2.35! I had decided to hold back on several new blends just so I could benefit from the improvements and new features in 2.35. It was worth the wait - so much to try!!

Gabio, I’d really like to take this opportunity to thank you and the many other contributors and testers in the Test Builds section over at I wish more people knew what went on over there. It is amazing. I follow the updates and bug fixes with much enthusiasm and appreciation. It’s such an admirable effort and an important part of Blender’s evolution, and the urge to create good things in response to that, to somehow honor that kind of hard work through better blending and to show in different ways what Blender could do, has only increased for me.

Keep up the great work and thanks for doing your part to help make Blender the awesomely capable and reliable artistic tool it is today.


Very abstract looking. Very creative, I like it.

totaly great :smiley: love it, hope someday I can make somthing that is so great to KUTGW dude :smiley:

Awesome model! What metod you have used?

Looks good!
He used Particles, right?

Hey nice pic. Didn’t s68 do a pic like this a long time ago? How can this be made by particles??

Ditto here! …yeah, what he said :smiley:

(cool pic Robertt!)

Bathroom is up the door and third stairs on the left.

Man that’s a lot of steps, I’d hate to live on that planet. I thought you were doing the old stairs illusion at first.

Looks nice. You have a good eye for centralizing the objects in your image.

dupliverts with static particles. It kills the viewport though if you use low step values.

nice image Robertt. I did a few tests with this too, with shrinking sheres though instead of cubes.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback and interest. Yes, I used particle duplications and varied particle settings many times until the scene resembled what you see here. After some initial particle tests I noticed some interesting steplike progressions arising through this method, so I continued working at it for a while until I eventually wound up with “Planet E.”



I took Gabio’s advice and experimented with some IPO curves on the particle duplicators :slight_smile:

The results were interesting I thought:

Click here to see the new render.