Planet Earth 100% Blender

I’m finally almost done with my Earth. I’ve been working on it for a couple days now. Let me know what ya think.

Looks great!
How many texture layers do you use?


Hey, thanks!

I used five maps. Elevation, surface, specularity, clouds, and lights. There is also a material for the atmosphere. There is also two materials with cloud maps, one for cloud shadows and one for clouds.

Hopefully I’ll have the animation and some other models posted soon.

I’m also working on a tutorial for the Earth with advanced texturing procedures (not really too advanced, just confusing)

wow! great stuff, i love the real factor. At the moment this movie i’m making with some ppl (i got a thread on it sorta below a few threads) and i’m sure we will be needing earth from space somewhere in that movie, is there anyway that we would be able to use your earth in the movie. You will get screen credit offcourse.

Good earth, looks like someone found the same tutorial I did.

NEO, I think I sent you an email last night about possibly helping. I have some other models I’ll post soon that may be of some help.

I found a tutorial for Lightwave. The only thing that was real useful though was the link to the texture maps.
The lightwave way is different than the blender way. At least in most aspects. Lightwave depends a lot on setting keys for camera angles and such in order to get the proper effects. But the theory is nice. That link is:

I’ll probably have some nice models up in the next couple weeks as my business ain’t doing to good and I’m trying to get some 3D examples made up for my resume. TTYL

yup, reply sent. great server farm btw, thought it was a photo to start with =D

I added a new earth pic to the gallery with a sun halo and lensglare. It probably dosn’t look like the real sun, but I’ve never seen it before but in a few pictures from space. But it fits ok.


nice job, now we want Mars!


That’s the best Earth I’ve seen. Very realistic.

Free Mars

Ok, I’ll try and do a mars here in a little bit

looking good