Planet Earth flyby

Here is a quick Earth planet flyby. Just teaching myself Nodes for post and basics like constraints for the path moves on the camera. I will continue to refine this to enhance the atmospheric effects. I am gratefull for the excelent tutorials here for node fres’ effect.

There are lots of issues not least is the dodgy terminator on the atmosphere sphere causing the clouds to render in bands. And I’m not sure why the Sun Flare changes in size either (it’s just a halo on vertex, unanimated)

Any feedback appreciated.

more atmosphere

It isn’t too bad. I think you should steady the camera a bit. It looks a little too shaky at the end of the clip.

Looks cool. I think the camera moves a bit fast though. A slower camera move will help with the sense of scale.

I agree roofoo but I ran out of a/ render time and b/ interest.

Moving onto nodes now, for my work. I have to use a rudimentary video editing system at work and can now run Blender off a memory stick to do high end compositing and graphics. I amy look at implementing your cool photogrametry there too.