Planet Escher

Hello blenderartists!
Here I am with a new blend that started as a test and ended like this.
I know that i can do better but i decied it was enough work for today :slight_smile:
Critics, as always, are well recieved!

Some close-ups:

Here is a video:

Hope you like it :smiley:

This is all kinds of awesome. The landscape material looks like the play rug we had in our sons room for his toy cars. Truly inspiring work getting the illusion to work right. So when are you going to sculpt “Drawing Hands?” :eek:

Amazing! A combination of low-poly simplicity and a geometrical “paradox”! This is very nice. I think that you don’t need to change it, keep it as it is.

Anthony, the image i took for the landscape is a photo of that play rug that you said, and I edited it in GIMP! :smiley: That’s why you found it very similar :slight_smile: And for the moment, i’m only interested one doing some of the escher’s geometric paradoxes so i won’t touch Drawing Hands (that’s and excuse for my crappy sculpting :/)
Thank you for the comment
Jonathan, I still see some lack of detail on the image. I want to do some tilt-shift-ish blend.

I love it! Lots of cute detail.

Great stuff! I can’t wait to see more!