Planet Express Spaceship (Futurama)

Some temporary time off my other model. Wanted to do some Futurama, and thought the Planet Express spaceship would be a good start. About an hour in, and I already note things I should have done differently. I´ll finish this up anyway, and move along. The rim color seems to be bleeding into the hull color when subsurfing, no idea why. Time for a break though :stuck_out_tongue:


Enough for today, time for sleep…


So a lot learned from this model. I would do many things differently if I restarted it from scratch, but let´s just finish this up and move along :slight_smile: Maybe 1 hr more of work.


Ok, moving on to next model. Too many issues with this one that I would need to restart it, and that isn´t an idea I´m willing to entertain right now :stuck_out_tongue: