planet from space

I couldn’t find a good planet tutorial for blender, so I decided to try it on my own.

All I did was this:

  1. got a map of venus surface
  2. Used it as the texture for the planet.
  3. Played around with could textures.

Please tell we what you think and what can be improved (besides adding stars. which I’m going to be doing)


it looks like a planet. good job

venus is yellow and cloudy thou

and animated texture would be cool

No critiques? cmon, I know there is something I can improve…


Well…it’s a sphere…
with a texture…

good job?

but aren’t there things that make it more planetlike?

more surface detail,

First off, I think you have done some good work on your planet, but I think it could still use some tweaking. One thing it’s a little to dark, I know space is dark but it covers up some of the nice details of the planet. Maybe, you could try and use the node editor to get a nice glow effect on the planet (see the images below). Also, try and work on the clouds some, to give the image that extra touch;). Maybe, add a sun and a nice background, like a nebula or something. Hope this helps.


Acer: How do you do the clouds for your planet? I haven’t yet found a way to do the clouds besides using the basic (and annoying) cloud texture in the textures menu. (is there a way to make a clear plane with white clouds?

Oh my gosh Acer that is brilliant…

clouds are difficult. you could use an earth cloud map, like the one here:
… or use it as referance to make your own…

as to the lighting, make a blue hemi opposite your main light source and set the power really low (like 0.05-0.1) to add some starlight. The atmosphere diffuses light from the sun around to the back, and stars/moon/reflection from planets = more light for back side… glow also helps.

atmosphere: note this image:
the atmosphere shows up as a slight blur, this might be able to be achieved with nodes. (blur image, add original on top)

Nice start! Here is some info to help:
(awesome planet tutorial)
(Really cool “fake” volumetric atmosphere)

I did a tutorial for the whole planet but for some reason I never got the post to work, the tut here is just as good if not better.

Hope this helps.


here’s what I was talking about with nodes… it’s a little subtler than kevin’s way:
(note the backlighint… not really necissary, but I like it)
here’s the nodes for the atmosphere:

Cool node setups, and I like the New Avatar too Jesse

Darn. I’m still confused. How do you make the clouds without covering up the planet. in other words. If I put clouds on another sphere and place that sphere around the planet. How do you make the sphere invisibe except the clouds?

Oh, and sorry, I’m a major noob and don’t know how to use the node editor…are there tut’s?

alpha channels.
depending on the type of image you’re using for a cloud texture, either click ‘use alpha’ on the texture settings thing or …the other way which i have forgotten atm

here’s a newer rendering with a bigger glow and new atmosphere sphere.


thanks for the cloud instructions. I figured it out (which will be usefull for tons of other stuff…). Here is the newest render.

sorry, here’s the pic…


Well, it really looks much better with the clouds and the lighting Clever Oaf. You have some really good resources and I think you will do just fine on your project. I was going to post some stuff to help you with the clouds, but it looks like your set now. Also thanks for the complement free_ality glad you liked the post.