Planet glow

You guys/gals probably get this allot, but how can I make a planet glow that looks half way decent? I’ve tried a ton of stuff on my own but I can never get the right look.

BTW ATM I’m working on an earth model.

Check out [email protected]’s planet blend files on this thread. He has done some fantastic planet images.


thanks. I’m reading some of it now! 8)

What do you mean by planet glow? Do you mean the planet give off light or there is a like a halo around the planet? Or something else?

Dammit, I’d sort out a new .blend file for you, but seems to be dead.

Anyone know whats up? It doesn’t usually stay down as long as this.

like a halo around the planet?

…yup, that’s exactly what you need,…make a circle with lots of vertices, and a halo texture, with the alpha being very low, and put it around your planet from camera view. that should do the trick.

Nah, that doesn’t work properly, you need to have an atmosphere that reacts correctly to light…

This is kinda what Im talking about. I’ll upload a .blend file for you to look at as soon as I find out what the problem is with