"Planet Gravity" to an object


I have returned to blender!! And my last question is this.

How to make a gravity to an object , looking like a “Planet Gravity”.

I’m making a game that looks like http://proun-game.com/ , see te video and if you can , tell me how to make that object gravity.

Again , thanks!

Answers pleaseeeeeeeee


Here’s what Ive been working on.

import bge
l = bge.logic
cont = l.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
sce = l.getCurrentScene()
alignVec = own.getVectTo(sce.objects['Planet'])[1]
own.alignAxisToVect(alignVec,2,1) #(alignmentVector,Axis,1 = instant alignment| 0.0 = none 0.5 = half speed turn to ☆0.85 is a nice value)
xSpd, ySpd, zSpd = own.getLinearVelocity(True)

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Doesn’t work :frowning: Any other solution?

Do you have the script I posted running on your player with an Always sensors with true pulse to a python controller? And in line 6 change sce.objects[‘Planet’] to sce.objects[‘your_Planet_objects_Name’]. And make sure your player object is dynamic physics or rigid body physics.

Yeah , It is now running , but I have created a logic brick for the player movement , but when I press the key (Up Arrow) it doesn’t moves. Any idea?

If you’re using a motion actuator and using Loc, try switching to the linV with a value of 10 on y. Or try adding

import events

under import bge. Then right above the last line try adding

UP = l.keyboard.events[bge.events.UPKEY]
if UP == 2 or UP == 3:
    ySpd = 15

1 = up arrow key tapped
2 = up arrow being held down
3 = up arrow was released from being held or pressed.

Thanks , I will try that.

PD: Where you learned python? I’m going tu study it. Without it , blender is really limited :stuck_out_tongue:

tutorialsforblender3d.com and on the blender.org site the python api reference helps alot. I completely agree, blender is very capable on its own but the ability to code in python eliminates having a large amount of logic bricks. If you need any more help just pm me or of course post here, Im also working on planetary gravity at the moment. I think Ive figured out multiple planets and different gravities and ranges.