Planet Render (for my MMORPG)

Hi there,

I made this planet for the login screen of my MMORPG (

No post pro etc, let me know what you think. May add some post pro later



It looks good, but the atmosphere is way to big.

Thought someone might say that :wink:

Here is the earth with a smaller atmosphere…


looks better, but the clouds should be more white. Would have told you earlier, but didn’t spot it untill now :smiley:

very nice. i prefer the first image even with the exagerated atmosphere. i think it’s the angle and the fact that the first image seems to have more details. is this for a still background, or part of an animated sequence?

Probably a still background to keep the file size of the game down, and keep frame rates up. I’ll post the game menu in a moment… :slight_smile:


Apply the clouds on a slightly larger sphere to add some depth to them. Right now everything seems flat and has no dimension. Just curious on how you did the atmosphere too, did you use the gradient texture on a ring like the planet tutorial does? There’s a lot that you can really improve on by adjusting parts of the texturing itself. Higher resolution maps will help too.

I did end up getting some huge texture maps, but it still looks a little bit blured :frowning:

I wouldn’t usually make the gfx for this game as i am not primarily a gfx artist. But thought a planet would be a bit of fun :slight_smile:

Atmosphere is the noobiest way possible - halos behind the model :smiley: hehe

If anyone wants to help out with the game then PM me


Looks good. As to trying to fix the blurring, you might want to check your filter setting(s).