Planet scene final

Well, here it is. Some of you may have seen the picture progress through the WIP forum. Got a lot of nice crits there. Hope you like it.


Water and land are a little weak, but absolutely AMAZING composition. I love this. Wallpaper

How so?

You know, I’m really not sure. They’re far better than I could do, but they just look a little fake. I don’t have a clue what it is. Regardless, this pic is now my wallpaper, and I’m loving it. :smiley:

The sense of scale in the pic is simply amazing, and makes you feel like such a small part of the universe. I have never in my 14 years seen a picture with this feel.

Maybe try putting a disp map on the terrain, and perhaps make the water a little less bumpy/wavy and more reflective of the sky. Eg stronger envmap.

It really isn’t my place to crit such an awesome pic though.

I have to agree, the scale and composition are very well thought out, sort of has an otherworldly feel to it.

As far as the land and see, it’s very hard to “see” the sea :wink:

perhaps there needs to be some more reflection of the massive planet on the sea?


Well, after all, it is a night scene, so it won’t be very bright. I made it as bright as I could without making it look weird.

@ HOSJ: If you like this style of pic, have a look at the planet scapes at The pics there inspired me to make this.

Wow. I really like the feel to this! I always wanted to make an image like this, but with a galaxy in the sky, not planets (individually).


Very nice scene, of course a planet that close would generate wicked tides.

yes the terrain is not that well worked out. I see a streching of the texture. you could thing about adding some glowing to the ground. the water is ok, but the water-ground passage is pretty hard.

This turned out very nice indeed. As the others have stated, the composition is perfect.

I have to agree about the land though. The texture is a bit stretched and could use a few more layers/channels. Would give it some more beleivability then.


Yea, i guess I will have add some more details to the ground.

It might just be me but the lighting seems wrong. Way too bright on the saturn-like planet considering this is a night scene. Dunno… but it’s still quite nice :smiley:

ok, this pisses my off. I tried to submit the image to cgtalk. I got this in my inbox.

"We are sorry, but your recent submission to the
Hosted Gallery has not been approved.
(“Planet Scene, Zach Goldstein (3D)”)

It was rejected for the following reasons:

  • Your thread title was not in keeping with Hosted
    Gallery posting policy.
  • Your submission contains unfinished elements. Please submit
    your work in the “WIP” forum for further critique.
  • You have posted too many works. cannot act as a
    host for a member’s entire portfolio. In the future, we ask
    that you wait a while before submitting another work.
  • Your submission does not fit within our quality tolerances.
    A group of seasoned CG artists have deemed your submission
    in need of further work in order to meet our basic standards.
  • Your submission is in violation of General policy."

I know my scene may not be the greatest scene in the world, but not to make FP in cgtalk?? Is it that bad?? “Your submission does not fit within out quality standards.” What? I have posted pictures on cgtalk that didn’t look half as good as this and it was accepted. “You have posted to many works.” The last image i posted was at least 2 months ago. So as you can see, this made me vary mad.

My respect for the cgtalk admins has dropped completely. :<

CGTalk is the best of the best. Be patient and keep working.