Planet scene =UPDATE=

Well, I finally made my first planet scene. I was inspired greatly by some of the planet scapes on Please give me your crits. I want to make this a good pic. C&C!



I wanted to try to get a little mist/fog on the horizon. I tried a bunch of different things but couldn’t get it. Any Ideas?

Interesting scene, and a great sense of scale. Perhaps lighten the stars, and brighten the planet that we’re on just a touch. Also the green particles for those nebulai or whatever they are could do with a little tweaking.

Also I like the “edge of the world” feel.

Cool stuff keep it up.

What do you mean lighten the stars? Yea, I wasn’t sure if the green nebula worked in the scene or not. If it doesn’t look right I’ll delete it. I not sure weather to keep it or remove it.

Am I going to have to post this in FP to get any crits?

For Mist/Fog you did try the mist generator already, I assume?

I would remove the green nebula, or at least try a different color, maybe purple…

Whatever you’re using for those nebulas, might work well as mists in your scene…

Those planets look awesome. Good job on those.

I tried the mist option but couldn’t get anything to look good. I tried using some particles but I am not very good at using them and so I couldn’t get any good results. I made the nebulas from a tutorial. You think purple would look better?

OK, I made the green nebula purple. It actully looks very good. Making some more changes now. I will update soon.

Keep the crits comming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks greatl. I like the ring around the middle planet. Maybe if you add some more with debris it would look nice. I’d also suggest just brightning everything up a bit. It may just be my screen but it seems a little on the dark side. Just play around, show us more stuff and keep up the good work.

Yes, I have had a hard time seeing all the details because of it being to dark. My computer is in a room with a window and the sun shines through it in the afternoon. I find that when the sun shines in the window it puts a lot of glare on my monitor and makes it hard to see pictures and such clearly. However, at nighttime, it is very easy to see. But I suppose I need to do something as it is pointless to have a picture that can only be seen at night. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the crits and keep 'em comming. :wink:

Well, for the mist, using the built in MIST generator should do the trick. You will just have to keep playing with the settings until you get something that you like. I know it’s not easy, cause I have tried myself. :wink:

One of your best images to date to dude. Nice stuff.

The rest has already been said.


@ BgDM: Well I tried playing around with the particles I used to make the nebulas and I think I got it to look good as a mist. I’ll post an update real soon. 8)

you know what? your scene just left me mouth open,
There is what i think you should do about the edge of the world:
because other planet are so near, make the one in front ground round a bit so will not see the end, and we will feel like we are on a mini planet. this fell extreamely cool. i saw a video with this effect on cgtalk, realy cool.

To acheive this effect in a fast way, try the PET tool.

Thanks for the admiration Gabio. I have never heard of the PET tool. What exactly does it do? I will search for it.

Updates: I added a little emit to the ground to make it a little brighter. I’m not sure if I will keep it though as I think is distracts from the scene. What do you think? Also, I changed the green nebula’s color. I think it fits the scene much better then green did. I also used particles to make a horizon mist. What do you think?

Thanks for all your helpful crits. Without them this update would not be possible. Keep them comming. I am not done with this yet.

you should definetly try to round the sea. PET is the proportional edition tool. with that you only need to select a line of vertice, select its feild of power with wheelmouse and move.
or even better, if you sea is a plane with nothing else, place the cursor far away under the sea and in edit mode press the “to sphere” button.

Would it even be noticeable with the mist and all? For somereason I just don’t think it will look right. Maybe it will, I will try it. But if I did it wouldn’t be a very sharp curve. I’ll give it a shot. :wink:

Ok, here’s some quick crits:

I think the glowing athmosphere isn’t good. If it’s a gas planet, it’s massive, and it’s gravity makes a very thin transparent athmosphere highly improbable.

Same goes with the stars in the background. If the blue planet is so bright, the viewer/camera should have trouble picking up faint light from the far away stars.

Personnally, I’d probably lower down the mountain (or whatever that is) on the left and put the boat closer to the viewer there. Where it is right now, you barely see it.

And that’s it.


Update #2 comming soon. 8)

Ok, I need a cool name for my planet. Anyone got any suggestions?