Planet texturing

Could someone provide me a link to planet texturing tutorial or give me some tips on the best way to go about texturing one, I have been trying to texture a planet witih limited success and its driving me up the wall. I have been looking at this tutorial, but I can’t seem to follow it, it seems that he leaves out many steps…however texturing isnt my strong point.

hi…its for creating planet textures for spheres…
you can find it in the project dogwaffle website, under tutorials/tutorials on tb3d/scroll all the way down for planet dogwafflia tut.
you can then convert this tut for gimp with some skill, if you annoyed by this program…

thanks, I’ll check it out.

Wait about a week. Terragen 2 is going to be release (a tech demo anyway) which was built upon the program used to create planets for Star Trek: Nemsis.

If you have photoshop, you may also want to try a plug-in called Lunar Cell from http:// I bought the entire space pack for like $50. It creates nice textures including in mural format for later importing into blender with bump, spec, and other maps. They still need some touch up in PS to add rivers and such, but pretty cheap and effective.