Planet WIP

Bit new here, but I’ve read lots of posts, and spent some time on this image, and wanted to know what others though of it.

Very nice planet!
A few critiques (minor, all):
I know the planet has an atmosphere halo, but should there be clouds over the planet as well (not an expert on planets).
Also, should the planet have specualarity? I don’t know if you do or not, but there is a bright white area near the camera, which I don’t think would appear on the planet.
Apart from that, some lense flare would be nice on the distant sun.
I hope I did not offend you with any of those, but I am trying to be more critical when I post instead of just ‘Wow that’s good.’ Overall, the planet is good!

Thanks for the response!

The white on the planet was supposed to make it look a little hotter (a whole in the crust, or something like that).

I’ll look into those clouds though. I do have a cloud map that I could use, but I thought it looked pretty bad when I applied it.

is that the venus surface map? i tried to do a planet with it but it totally messed up, i like the planet but the sun is poor.
i also dont recommend using blender lens flare because its UGLY! it will mess up your whole image.

Yes, it is the Venus map. For the lens flare, would you suggest something in post? I really didn’t know how to go about doing one, so I used blender internal.

BTW, starmap from Scifi3d (I couldn’t get good results from the blender star generater)