Planet With Moons

This is my first post in a while, but here goes…

This took me about four hours total to make.

Everything was modeled in Blender 2.20.

The texture for the planet was made entirely in Photoshop from scratch although I found the moon textures elsewhere.

C&C very welcome.


I like it, except for one thing. The dark side of a planet is really dark. You absolutely cannot see it.

Nice halo effect on that atmosphere, though make it look like they’re farther apart from each other, it almost looks like they’ll crash into each other.

Yeah, I hadn’t much thought about the actual science of the pic yet, heh, but I agree about the color, it does need to come down a bit.

My signature looks old world Blender… What? I did the signature last night in Photoshop…

The glowy atmosphere was actually just a halo set in the very center of the planet.

Thanks for the comments guys, keep them coming please…


Regarding the sig- my only crit is that it is perhaps too bright. It seems to detract attention from the main image.

Otherwise- Blender 2.20 !!?!?!
You’re stuck in the past dude :wink:

Indeed. Blender has gotten some very nice new features since then. I order you to check it out :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve got the newest Blender, the updated interface pisses me off, heh.
I’m one of those people who has trouble learning new things and the interface really confuses me, plus, I can’t seem to move around in 3D space with the same key/mouse combinations I usually use, which really hinders my ability to model.

one thought about the halo… since half of the planet is dark, shouldn’t half of the halo also be dark?

Alright, here’s an updated version. I addressed a few issues you all brought up and tweaked a few things I thought were off and also completely recreated the Bump Map I was using for the planet.

GCat: You’re right, but I have NO idea how I would cut the halo in half, heh.


Looks much better for something done with an old version. But you should really try to learn the newer versions like today’s 2.34

it looks very good great textures maybe if you faded in where it goes light to dark it would look like a sun is there and in that faded part its no so dark just the sun is all the way down… sorry hard to explain