My first blender made planet! C&C plz, I want to make it more realistic.


Looking good so far. But where is the sun angle? There seems to be no definition between night and day as the whole planet seems to be illuminating. The atmosphere looks nice, but it’s adding to the illumination effect by wrapping the whole way around the planet. Somehow it needs to fade to black on the shaded side. Is that a halo mesh? I would also reduce the Size of the stars just a hair because some of the stars look large and unnatural, very CG like to say. Otherwise, I like the texture of the planet. Maybe add an Star Destroyer flying towards it with lasers shooting about and make your own Star Wars fan film :wink: Good Work.

I thought the lights were neat, but i guess its not very realistic.
The halo is a plane with a halo blend texture.

Nice,i kinda like it.
Looks like the sun is on the far right,you should put another planet behind on the lower left,that way the second reflection looks as if it’s from the second planet.
Just my 2cents :wink:

I think it would look better if you used a starry sky image ir actually made the stars our of indivdual halo’s. The blender star system isnt really the best.

Here’s a small update. Removed one lamp, so now theres only one light source. And does anyone know of a good space pic that would go good with this?


Great image, I’d Like to know how you did it. :slight_smile:

And does anyone know of a good space pic that would go good with this?

Have you had a look at the Hubble web site, the galaxies and the nebula sections may offer some ideas.