Planetarium Script (Real Star Data)

Hi, you may have seen me mention this script before.
I found the script on
(google blender jp then translate it)
I emailed the author keines,
His response was wonderful.
The script is now released under the GPL.
And keines Translated the entire script & wrote English Docs!:cool::cool:

Enjoy real Planetarium Star Data.
Thanks to keines.:smiley:

OMG, I cannot wait to play around with this!

Oh this is excellent thanks Meta-Androcto!

some details please

the Data file where you need to specify the city name and location

can i add my own city and where do i do that
i mean at the end of the list ?

and why is the first field filled up with strange characters?

note: it would definitively be nice to have a list of cities in the western world included
at least the major one !


This is still a very cool script.
keines has done a great job updating this script,
so make sure you have the latest version. :wink: