Planetary Explosion

Bit of a show-off at this stage, as I’m not wanting too much criticism yet.
I have just a little more work to do before that stage. (Things like an asteroid impact, and camera shake at the end)
But here is my latest work:

Rendered in BI, uses explode modifier, particles, and about 4 hours work on it so far. (Amazing what using the right tool can do to bring down the time) But, 20 hours rendering as of now too, not so pleased with that.

firstly nice work love the start of the explosion, but if I may offer some humble suggestions the chunks of planet look kind of square at the moment, also the explosion speed at the start is good but after a few seconds you should speed up the rubble and maybe add a motion blur so you don’t notice the square shapes so much. It may help to put a fire texture on those particles too…

great work though, keep it up :smiley: