Planetary Rings

Has anyone know how to get the texture right on planetary rings. I can create the ring okay (I think), but I can’t get the texture to display properly. The texture I am using is just a multi-colored, banded image. See the images available at to see what I am talking about. Thanks for any help.

:smiley: Not sure how to really get the ring things to work, I will do some experimenting and see what I can get going.

Thanks for the link to the site with the textures…Those arre excellent!

Can’t wait to see what you are working on :slight_smile:


try this one

I find, that it is easier to add a texture to a rectangle and then change it into a ring

start blender and then save your file
be sure to be in a view parallel to the grid
in 3dwindow hit shift skey cursor-grid
add a plane with shift akey, hit bkey twice
deselect upper vertices with middlemousebutton
remove lower vertices with x
hit akey and subdivide 4 times with wkey
hit ekey and extrude downward one grid using ctrl
go out of editmode

hit alt-zkey (the highest drawtype) or you won`t see, what you are doing
if some faces do not show, then go to edit mode, select all and say ctrl-nkey
check the result in objectmode. if all faces are now on the wrong side, go to editmode, select all and say flip-normals
now split the 3d window and make the new one an image window
load your texture
in 3d window (objectmode) hit fkey to enter face-select mode
If they are not selected, select all faces with akey

hit ukey and choose from-window
go to the image window and select all vertices with a
position them to your needs with skey and gkey in combination with middlemousebutton
if you have to, go to 3dwindow and use r to rotate the texture (uv)
the stripes of the rings must be parallel to the bottom of the window
save again, because now you have to try a little
in the 3dwindow change the view, so that the mesh is near the top of the window
decrease the space of the buttons window. you will need as much vertical room as possible
position the cursor one or two grids below the mesh with help of shift-skey
go into edit mode
select all vertices
scale the mesh parallel to the windowbottom with middlemouse so that it is 5 or 10 times wider than its height. warp will work better on a long mesh

go with the mouse to the bottom of the 3dwindow (not out of it)
hit shift-wkey for warp
try to close the circle. if it doesn`t work hit escape and scale a little bit more, zoom out if you must
then you should have a circle
now select the 4 vertices of the ends (the ends should be close to each other) and close the ring with remove-doubles (edit buttons). Maybe you have to increase the limit
hit tab and activate the subsurf button. change the subdiv to your needs. it should be a smooth ring. the backside of the ring can be done by copying and mirroring.

would be nice to tell me, if it helped. It was a bit of work
if some explanation isn´t clear, just ask.


Everything seems to go as you describe until I get the warping. I am in the top view in editmode with all the vertices selected. The cursor is about two gridpoints below (towards the bottom of the screen in the top view), but when I try to warp, it doesn’t seem to want to mold into a circle, it just distorts the line. If this doesn’t describe the problem well enough, let me know and maybe I can post the blend file I have so far. But either way, I am on the right track, so thank you.


Warp bends all selected vertices around the cursor, and the y-value of the mousearrow is used to control the strength of the effect. Here is one example:

go to top-view
be sure, that 20 grids are visible from top to bottom
place the 3d cursor in the middle of the upper half of the window (don´t move him anymore)
add a plane, remain in edit-mode all the time
with all vertices still selected, move the plane 3 grids up (keep it in line with the 3d cursor by using ctrl)
subdivide it 4 times with wkey
take the mouse-arrow just above the 3Dwindow bottom (but still inside) and press shift-wkey

now move the cursor up.

The plane should bend down around the cursor (hit esc to try again). If you want a circle, just play around with the distances. It helps to use a long and thin plane, 16 grids from left to right, 1/5th grid from top to bottom (using the dimensions of the above example). Just to be sure, hit the commakey before scaling to activate scaling around boundboxcenter)

I hope this does the trick. I had a few problems myself using warp. If you warp a mesh created with screw, it can produce really incredible results. The knowledgebase helped a lot.

Good speed

long-talker Haunt_house

P.S.: I just found out myself: ctrl works for warp, too. If you use the ctrl-key while warping, the warp-effect is reduced to steps of five degrees. If you manage to get full 360 degrees, it will be no problem to close the ring exactly.

I think I almost have it now. My only problem is that in the 3Dwindow I can see the rings, but when I render it, the ring just looks solid grey. Is there something I am missing as far as getting the image to show up on the rings when rendered?


Select your ring, go to the material buttons, give it a new material, name the material, and finally enable “tex face” below the RGB sliders. That should show the ring in all its beauty.

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Thanks. I was hoping it was something small like that. Works great, thanks for all your help.

You´re welcome

I hope to see your work some day.

´til next time