Planetary Venture

This was my submission for Blender Guru’s competition with the theme “Another Planet”.
Software used: Blender, Cycles, Photoshop
Rendering time was around 8 hours.
Criticism is welcome.

Nice render, I like it.

I love it, i wish you goodluck in the competition.

Nice landscape! The spaceship texturing seems a little too intense, but other than that, very good :slight_smile:

Relly good!!!
I like your style

Nice composition and lighting, it conveys a strong story. I love the sand material, very convincing, and all the details like the herds of alien animals.
The planet in the background is too close (but it’s a personnal taste, I’m a bit tired of space images with planets always so close to each other) and I find the horizon ends too quickly : it pulls me off my disbelief and I somehow feel that there is nothing behind the scenery. Maybe a fainted moutain range or some other rocky pikes like those on the right could help.

Wow, nice job! The clouds look really believable! Were they done in Blender? If so, could you post the node setup? Again, nice job! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments everyone and the good feedback @NID Graphics and @kevar. Noted for the future :slight_smile:

Yes @ShadowCamero the clouds were made in Blender. The material node setup is just a volume scatter node with some noise textures with varying scales affecting the density. And there is a number of clouds in the scene that have different densities.

Check out this tutorial if you’d like to know more about creating clouds in Blender :slight_smile: