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In this project I plan to make a scene with a focus making a picture (and eventually a little animation) that really feels big and huge but also one where the camera can have a character in focus. The scene depicts a party of space-farers who are traversing a mouontain-ridge for for now unknown reasons. Have they crashed or are they simply mounteering? We’ll see. The ridge itself is a big focus and will look

something like this:


How it will look when you are close I haven’t decided but I want it to feel alien. It will be somem ix between procedural modelling and procedural textures.

The spacesuit itself is nowhere near finished but I like the oldschool helmet and the rest of the suit will be in a similiar fashion.

I feel like I have a solid grasp for what I wan’t for this project and it does’t feel to ambitious so I hope I can stick with it. Fingers crossed!!

Haven’t had as much time as I’ve wanted but some progress has been made. I did a layered rockformation that can be duplicated and modified for most needs so far. Some light comp on everything to make the foreground pop more. The composotion and formation of the ridge need another pass but I like the rocks overall.
I’m also thinking about mirroring the whole thing… I’ll have to test that before I get to far with the piece
It is now time to give the character some more love methinks. Rewatched Alien so I got some inspiration for spacesuits, even though it won’t be as bulky.

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