Planets and nebulas

can any one direct me to a good tutorial on making planets and nebulas, or even give me a good tut.



there’s this tutorial listing in the Tutorial section:

It’s mostly about spaceships but the third one from the top is a nicely done planet, so it may be a start :slight_smile:

Check out for great tutorials of all kinds, including a nebula.

well if you want a good looking sun fast, just use a uv sphere set mat to halo, click the line and sphere buttons and adjust the add, hard and size sliders until you get what your looking for. you may also want to click the extreme alpha button. use cloud textures with a ofz’s ipo to add movement to the tex. I also find that a spot light positioned behind the sphere with halo turned on gives a good affect. hoped this has helped. ho ps add a few particles to simulate flares