planets WIP


I’m new to the forums and hoping for some feedback and honest crits on this piece.



well, try making those rings on saturn have a bit more detail and also try and give the background more interesting (there is a button that enables you to have stars somewhere in the materials menu)
other than that, I’d say it looks exellent!
Good luck!

very cute. looks like a glass mobile. put a light in the middle of the sun and crank it up for some neat brilliance!

I’m mostly concerned about framing right now… I would really like to give a sense of huge distance, a sense of scale with this piece, but I really don’t know how… Any ideas, please?


In our solar system, the distances between the planets are so huge that one single image can’t show us that. Trust me, the distance between earth and the moon is already quite a bit.
For the rest I agree with what has been said. It really needs a good background and more details. Other than that, you’re well on your way :wink:

For a better sense of depth, try giving the camera wider angle and use some depth-of-field. To widen the camera angle, select the camera, go to the editing panel, and lower the Lens value (the lower the value, the wider the lens, and the greater the sense of depth). You may also want to bring the closest planet even closer and blur it with depth-of-field to make the illusion of depth greater.