Some lightyears ago, I’m posting a new planet(s) picture.
background (Starfield tut by Greg Martin) and afterediting with PhShop (But I think Gimp could it do aswell). Planets have a moon-texture and a Ramp.
2Lights in the Scene: Lamp & Hemi.
C&C welcome.

very cool!

very very nice and warmy!

but the scene seems to be prepared ina room… maybe because there are too much light… I can’r see thw darkness of the space :slight_smile:

Nice job. But I dont think the planets/moons are not lighted correctly. They are ok if you are not going for a realistic look. But if you want this to look real, you need the planets to be lit right. The light would not completly encircle the planet. When planet is not viewed with full light in front of it, it looks like a curve or blackness. I can’t explane it well right now for somereason. Maybe this will help:

Notice how only bright side is lighted, not the rear as well.

Hope I helped,


Nice job :slight_smile:

I just think there should be a little more contrast between the part in the light and in the shadows of the planets. The nebulae looks very bright, and the light on the planet is a little too dull, and not yellowish enough.
Maybe here you can see what I mean : (it’s not realistic but it’s nice ihmo :slight_smile: )

Thanks 4 ur Comments :slight_smile:
Well… It is supposed to be a little bit realistic, but looking nice was the highest priority.

But u r right, the ramp is not very realistic… but may be there is a small sun in the back or sth!? :smiley:
The stars are too squary, too, if u know what I mean… though :wink:

Most solar systems are only lighted with one star. If it has two, they are pretty close to each other. Although, if you wanted to have lightgiving stars all around it, you could do that as well. If you set it up right, it may look really good.

I love your nebula, even if I think it’s not realistic at all. But it’s very good looking :slight_smile:

Ha! There u can read it! :slight_smile: I let it be… it looks good.

Somebody once said: Don’t make a project twice! :wink:

Butsome advices for my next pic wont be false :smiley:

you mentioned a tut on the starfield, where is it? otherwise very nice

Nice, but I do agree that the circle of light around the planets looks strange.