How do I make a realistic looking earth/sun/planet???

Here is a tutorial:

Next time please try out the search function. Type “planet and tutorial” in the search box (don’t forget the “and”).


This is complicated, are there any more that you know of?

Life ain’t easy.
This is the best tutorial on planets I know.
If you want things easy, simply wrap a planet texture around a sphere et voila.
Don’t expect any good results though.

Hahah, I’ve tryed that. Looks like crap.

It’s like your signature.
The path with the least obstacles will take you nowhere.
Try it, do your best.
If you come up with specific questions, note them down and ask them.
Remember many of the questions you can come up with during that tut already have been asked.
And oh yeah, Greybeard is wise.

Will do. I’m currently playing with the new features in blender 4.0! Those new physics are awesome!

Damn! 4.0 is already out? Can you lend me the keys to your time machine or is mine working again?

No. still says 1984.
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How was that last comment relevent?

OK, smartarse :]
How’s this for a relevant answer?
Check your post before you submit cause there’s no such thing as a Blender 4.0 yet
No offense.

Sorry, I didn’t get it.