Planetside 2 Machinima looking for Animator/Mo Cap

				 					<i><b>I  AM CALLING ALL ARTISTS, ANIMATORS and  Fans to this cause. I want to make Official Planetside 2 Machinima</b></i>

There is a lot of freeware tools at our disposal:

-Blender=Animation software
-3D ripper DX= Way to get models of game to rig and animate (dysfunctional but it might work)*
-3DVIA Print Screen= Same as 3D ripper DX (dysfunctional but it might work)*
-PS2LS= Way to open game files and get models and sounds from PS2*
-G.I.M.P.=Photoshop program, best for editing images/graphics
-Open Office= Word processing program like word perfect
-Microsoft movie maker= Video editing software

Programs that cost money but effective:
-iClone 5=Simple Animation software with mo-cap kinect capabilities.
-Maya= Animation Software
-3ds Max= Animation Software
-Photoshop= Image/ graphics editing program
-Adobe Premier Pro= Video editing Software

Also note that we will be using Motion Cap tech with a Kinect and Blender to save on massive animation processes. We have all the meshes and textures already from the Planetside 2 assets folder loaded and ready to go. We just need help slapping the textures with the meshes and then getting them rigged. The rest is animation and mo cap!

We have all the tools needed. We have creative people with amazing skills. We have people that want it for the lore/story. Supply and demand. Let’s make this a reality people! IF you don’t have the skill yet want to help out. LET ME KNOW. I am going to spear head this operation and make sure we pump out some real great Planetside 2 Machinima!

Like all who read this, we crave more story, more life into the game we love. We currently have great written fan fiction, however I would like to take that one step farther and make some true Machinima on this awesome subject matter. Something that Sony and the Dev’s would be happy to watch and promote. They made all the art and great sound alongside some background story, we just have to do the series justice and create something paramount to the universe. We could perhaps move the Planetside into a new level of awesome!
If you are interested in making Planetside 2 Machinima Please join the team and send me (Airazor) a Private Message through this forum.
I expect it to have the look of “Red vs Blue:season 10” type of Machinima: Of course we don’t have the equipment they have now…but who knows!
PS: I am a graduate of Graphic Design and have video editing experience along side with 2d animation experience.

Video example of what can be done with your help!

*The programs suggested might be illegal to use on this game, I don’t know but I figured I would post this just in case. If there is a moderator reading this thread, please let me know so I can take it off this post. Friendly reminder that this is to make fan made machinima for the use of entertainment for ps2 fans!

ehm,lets see if i can do something :smiley: i sendu message

Awesome! We need about one more 3D artist/ animator and we are golden! Hop on guys and make sure to click the link to the facebook page to help!