Planetwatch (Game Cinematic)

Planetwatch -
Follow our hero, a space adventurer who took it upon himself to save a beautiful planet from the exploitation of an Evil Galactic Corporation!

amazing gamecinematic we have made for muse wearables
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Story - Ajay Yathindra
Storyboarding and Screenplay - Sai Prasanth KLN, Ajay Yathindra, P.V.K Teja, Janeef Mayari, Weybec Studios
Music: K. K. Bhairava (Baahubali fame), Manoj M Goswami
Concept Art and CG production: Weybec Studios

some early designs

Hope you like it ,

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Music was great. Style was great. Characters was great. Story was good. I watched the whole thing because it looked interesting. Reminds me of that show Kong on netflix:

Facial animation was great too.

The only thing in animation that I feel lacked was the body movement of the character. Mostly the anticipation of the movement.

Good work.

thank you :slight_smile: yes i know animation was not up to the mark
i animated the entire thing , there are lots of animations issues still there , but due to time and budget constraint for now big thing for us was to complete it ,

Next time we will try to make it more better :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

For one person animation the whole thing is amazing. You just needed some polish and it would be perfect. You did great.

added some other wip stuffs