PlanetZ Project

This is my second project.
PLANETZ. This is a lot of it.
:eek: WALGASA!!!

For a second project it’s nice.

  • You might want to try to make the planet “fit” better in your universe. (I’ll leave it to you on how to do that, just watch many photo’s and you’ll get what I mean). If your planet’s supposed to have an atmosphere, you could add a sexy glow around it as well (use the compositor).
  • Try to use some (big) noise textures for the background, and better don’t use a gradient because there’s no atmosphere in the universe.
  • I think the stars could be toned down quite a bit as well. They’re also a bit too randomly distributed. Normally, you’ll see “groups” of stars and all that. Again, you can use reference pictures to see what I mean.
  • Putting the planet in the bottom left corner makes the image feel very heavy at that side. You’ll only want to do that if there’s something on the other side to compensate for that (see theories about composition at Wikipedia or so).

Hope that helps!