Planned reintegration of mp3/ogg support?

Are we likely to see support for music in our games reimplemented anytime soon? I have a good collection of ambient music built up now I’d like to use. These would really add some mood and emotion to my future games… if I could only use them :expressionless:

I know there’s always 2.25, but I like working with the new engine. It has many improvements, except sound support which has gone backwards.

I want the same thing.WAV sounds take much space(that sucks :frowning: ) and i too wanna use the new engine.Would be good , if blender could get some more sound format support(OGG vorbis is the most needed for me,because i have many sounds prepared for my next games, but i cant turn them into OGG now)

tell me about this *.ogg somehow doesn’t work for me if that’s where I could get information… *.mp3 would be cool… :smiley:

Andy i know alien-xmp was looking for someone to help him with the sound, think he was looking for someone who new C++ in one of his posts…that was little while back though…

What about playing mp3 files in the python script? This would only work per operating systems but if you are using windows you should be able to pull from the API right? + your sounds would have to be seperate filenames and not included in the blend or exe file. UNless you could import the text of the mp3 file and save it as a script in python to be called upon. Again, I am speaking from VB possibilities here. shows all the to do features, adding ogg vorbis support is there. we just have to have pateince :-. also the sound on all the OS should be fixed first then add support.

I just wish I knew how to code in c/c++ :frowning: one day maybe…