Planning a "Life Jouney" across american for next summer :)

Hi guys, I’ve been struggling a bit lately with what I want to do in my life cause I have been losing some interest in computers in general :frowning: and have been learning (slowly) to cook and enjoy it. This have reminded my of a long phase of my life in middle school where I used to be intensly interested in one field for a few weeks then I move onto something else for a few weeks and I do this again and again. For instance, I was interested in geology for 2 weeks, then bird-watching for 3 weeks, then astrology (not the horoscope craps) for a few weeks. Now I don’t really regret all of my time of interests cause it had gotten me to learn a little about many things but right now I feel that it is time for me to really consider what I want to do in my life and stay with it. The reason why I want to set-up this “journey” is because when I was younger and lived with my family, we used to travel a little (due to military transfer but we also traveled on the side too) and I’ve never really felt at home anywhere else as much as when I’m traveling.

So I’ve decided that I will try to prepare myself as much as I can for a 2 month long (maximum) leisurly travel across America and possibly a short trek across the border into either Mexico or Canada (though i want to try Canada the most). This will also let me to see all of the sights and experiences everything I want to across America. Doing this will allow me to force myself to learn to interact with stranger in real life (I’m a little bit of a loner) and to expose myself to all different kind of situation which would allow me to see if there is anything I may have not tried that would be perfect for me to do.

So far I’m just outlining the route (in my mind) I would like to take and figuring out what I need to get rid of and whatnot. (I’ll just get rid of anything that I don’t need and mail the sentimental items to the end destination for a friend to hold till then). The route I have in my mind so far is drawn out on the picture of a blank map of USA. The route so far are very “wandering” cause I don’t have enough of destinations along the way yet which is why I posted here so I can find out about places to go to along the way :slight_smile:

Oh, another reason why the routes will wander a lot is that I will avoid the interstate as much as i can and use the back road to try and catch some hidden jewels such as a really homey mom and pop restaurant or some lesser-known museum such as the museum that was features on the “Ripley’s believe it or not” that was dedicated to collecting all of the oldest computers.

There are several large purchase I may have to make before I’ll be ready for the trip and the biggest one of them all will be to purchase a Van for this travel. I plan to outfit and customize the interior into a kind of Mini-RV that I would call the RVan. I will draw and post a picture describing the general plan of the customization that would apply to most vans. The next biggest purchase may be a laptop for basic uses such as internet surfing and word-processing so I’ll sell my computer once i’m ready to get a laptop.

So far right now though, this is just the beginning of my outline and planning for the trip so I’ll welcome any reasonable advices and idea for me to use :slight_smile: I’m going to set up a trip journey on my site which will includes the planning.

NOTES: Due to my slight financial unstability it may take me up to 2 years to save up for this trip if i run into any financial obstacle.

You should try to hit all the states (except Alaska and Hawaii)

That way you can find the goodies hidden in every state.

Good luck on the trip.

Cool! My roomie and me met some gals who were about 60 years old doing the same thing (almost) with bicycles. We had to admire their courage!
Good luck!

Good luck on your journey!
I plan on doing a similar adventure in around 5-10 years

I can’t read all of that.

Sounds like an amazing goal, good luck…

This is great! More people should go on wild road trips. It’s definitely one of those things everybody should do at some point in their life, and definitely avoid the highway.

I have never gone on one of these sorts of trips before, but I always wanted to. It would be great to go out and meet new people – talking to strangers about your adventure and hearing stories.

I was thinking of seeing what it would be like to walk across the US. This might sound a little crazy, but there are people who do it, and it’s nowhere near as difficult as the settlers who traveled the Oregon trail – they didn’t have any of the conveniences of modern society. I thought it would be fun to only spend any money I might have earned along the way helping people out with odd jobs. I don’t think I could possibly do this, though. My family would think it was too dangerous and unnecessary of a journey.

When you do go, I think you should try to blog about it along the way. It would be great if every night you could tell everybody about all the interesting people and places you’ve seen – especially if you have photographs. Hey, you might even be able to make a little money with it through affiliate programs and ads (though don’t go crazy with over advertising.) Perhaps, you could even strike a deal with some companies for free equipment in exchange for promoting them on the site. Who knows what sponsorship opportunities there may be. You could drive around a van with huge banners plastered to the sides, like how Nintendo had the Pokemon Beetle driving all over the place … OK, maybe I’ve gotten a little carried away.

uhmm if you are so lazy that you can’t read it all then why bother posting here at all?

Cyborg Dragon: I might if I have enough money and time to do so when I’m about ready to start the journey. I plans to gather many info on destinations in USA but the route will NOT be finalized at all cause this journey is supposed to about self-discovery and I cannot do this following a scheduled paths and dates.

to everyone else: thanks :smiley:

Waffler: just saw your post when I previewed this post. Thanks :smiley: your post is kind of what I’m looking for. Yeah I kinda thought about walking across the country but being a deaf person with moderately poor eyesight, I figured that it would be just too dangerous for me. I’m considering setting up the blog like you described if I manage to get the laptop and save up enough money to go to a Barnes and Noble to use the wifi that they tends to have there. though I plans to post this info on another forum that I’m part of and the people there MIGHT be willing to help me out with the internet connection.

Felt like typing.

Forest Gump

I have lived in Taos NM and I would suggest visiting that area. try to get to some hot springs that are out in the woods, very cool. Also your route makes a 180 right before it gets to Maine(where I live) the “down east” part of main is not like any other place you will see. The north woods of Maine are some of the last wilderness left east of the Mississippi, worth seeing because I have a feeling in 50 years that will be gone forever.

thanks :smiley: I was waiting for suggestion of destinations like this.

I’ll swing it by up that far north, maybe that will be where I could come back in Canada (if I do go through Canada a little) the reason why the kink in the route is there is so I can swing around and stop by the New York city for the 9/11 site viewing. This kind of destination is perfect though cause I’m already a little of a outdoors man and I wouldn’t be surprised that by the time I get around there I’ll appreciate the woods and natures a lot more.

Although I have never been there, I would suggest visiting Mt. Rainier (to the north of Mt. St. Helen) in Washington state. If ever I get the oppurtunity, I WILL be going there :smiley:

Hey! I live in the up-north woods of Maine! In fact, Mt. Katahdin is visible from most of the surrounding area of where I live. Maybe you should stop in to Baxter State Park and climb the mountain – it’s the northern end of the Appalachian Trail. You can hike to the top, eat lunch, then hike back down all in a day.

Awesome :smiley: this sound exactly like what I would like to do. Ok looks like going to maine is a definite plan in the route :slight_smile: I’ve bookmarked your link to my “Journey” Bookmark folder.

Thanks for the reminder :smiley: I forgot to include seeing Mt.Helen in my route so I will defidently come by there and to check out Mt.Rainier for the glacier :slight_smile:

Ok, 2 things here:

  1. Please, for the sake of you bank account, try and convince the Travel channel to sponsor your adventures/ follow you with a camera crew. Really, who wouldn’t want to watch a deaf man travel the US (and neighboring countries), documenting little known yet highly attractive locations. It’s informative and inspirational!

  2. Try and hit the inside of PA a little more (hehehe…). PA’s got Amish folk, Hershey’s chocolate, and some nice, quiet scenery. If you do go to Hershey, check out the surrounding towns. Some are really nice and quiet, and little “mom and pop” businesses abound.

Just some suggestions. If I were done with my schooling, I’d so join you (seriously, strap me to the roof of the van, and I’m good). Good luck, and have fun!

If Opera Winfrey did that with her road trip then I don’t see why he can’t do that.

Then again what if he wanted a leisurely trip alone by himself, without having cameras surrounding him where-ever he goes?