Planning on starting an AMAZING Internet Series

hello! i am Jim, i own a WIP minecraft server called Redstone Laboratory
i am planning on starting an internet series based on that laboratory! that was the idea of the laboratory,
But! i am looking for people who could join me! because i defiantly Suck at blender 3D,
The internet series will be looking much better than the game minecraft, i want it to look realistic, that means, no blocks but Great looking landscape and characters ETC (i don’t even want it to look like minecraft haha! the only element of minecraft thats included is redstone but i want it to be converted into a wire)

I Need people to do these things!

  1. Someone to make Characters
  2. Someone to make the landscape
  3. Someone to Animate everything

I Will do the editing (i got Adobe programs)
and i got the storyline ready! but like i said, i Suck at blender 3D and cannot make it

IF i start earning money from the channel, i will even start to pay you guys!

thank you so much for reading this! and it would be great if you helped me out :slight_smile:

Hi, im interested to join a project. I like to model things etc. But i am not so good in animation, if you like my work write me. I have a link for my blender pics on my profil. CU.

Hello, im interested in making the landscapes if you could show me the images of the landscapes i would like to see if i could model it

An other minecraft thread here we go again…

don’t you read, its not supposed to look like minecraft! the only thing related to minecraft is, the name of the laboratory,

You just wrote 4 times minecraft in your statement, it’s very confusing…
I would definitly try to give a hand for this :slight_smile: . You have any experience or previous work i could see though ?

i don’t really, have any other work, because, you got to start somewhere, and i made this threat because i am looking for the animators, :stuck_out_tongue:
because, like i said, i Suck, at blender,
i was planning to do the editing, writing the script (extremely big storyline) and if the internet series will get a website, i will write the website,
but it would great if you joined :smiley:

the current landscape that i got is, in Minecraft, so yeah, not sure if you want to see it,

warning! there is some person trying to bug me and he is probably going to send a reply at this post! OR, he is going to mail you guys,
he is trying to ruin this all,

here is a post of the Minecraft version of the lab! which the lab in the series is based on! (i built it,)
if you got MC, i can even show you around there, its a server

NO, the Series will Not be based on minecraft! only on the laboratory :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok then let me see also do you want me to model it by the way?

well, i got Schaaner33 to model the characters but you could help him if you want, or animate, or make the landscape if dagto doesn’t want to make the landscapes etc
or wait, idea, would you like to make buildings etc?

Ok i would like to model the buildings and other stuff.

Ok then im better modeling building so ok then i would like to model the buildings and other stuff to.

Oh also sorry for replying twice i thought i didint reply

its okay mate :smiley:
question, do you have anything to show me? to see how good you are? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to help you I have been working on serval new rigs and animations would interested in helping you

Well im gonna make a portfolio so i will tell you when i did it ok :slight_smile:

I’m no pro, but shouldn’t you be able to contribute yourself? That list is almost complete. What will you be doing? You say editing, but that is quite vague.

I have the portfolio now :slight_smile: i have a bit sorry also the bathrom in the star has a bit of samples

i can do the riging an animating if you want