Plans for Blender 2.70.

1) Migration to git and Phabricator

  • Blender entered a new era of software development! What started with manual backups (1994), moved to cvs (2000), svn (2007) and now to git (2013). It’s almost the 7 year itch :slight_smile:
  • Our online projects system also migrated, with GForge in 2003, to FusionForge in 2010, and now Phabricator. The Phabricator site has a lot better tools for organizing code work with large teams – including reviewing and managing feedback, research or patches. You can access it at
  • Special thanks to the awesome work on this migration by Brecht van Lommel, Campbell Barton, Sergey Sharybin, Dan McGrath and Julien Rivaud.
  • Remaining tasks are outlined here.
  • Brecht will write a blog article about the new development environment, which will get link on frontpage as well.

2) 2.70 targets and scheduling

  • It’s BCon1 still – means we’re gathering ideas for the upcoming release.
  • Planning proposal: 2nd week of december move to BCon2, mid january BCon3, and release end of february. See the Blender 2.7x Release Cycle document.
  • Lukas Toenne: posted a patch for EWA sampling in Compositor on the bf-compositor list, needs some review but this at least would partially fix the sampling issues we have there.
  • Reminder for everyone, 2.70 is allowed to break forward compatibility.
  • Brecht is working on a UI project and team announcement, will be posted in few days.
  • Meeting discussed work we could do on keymaps and how to manage defaults or presets. Jonathan Williamson will contact people who might be interested in managing the Maya and Max “defaults”. Brecht suggested to completely remove hardcoded C keymap definitions. This will be investigated further.
  • Meeting ended discussing a lot of interesting other code projects, like for painting tools (GSoC), Beveling options, modeling roadmaps, Cycles, etc. Ton suggested to try to work this out better in the coming weeks and make it a proposed target for 2.70 in wiki.

We keep hoping someday some users see Amd Cycles.O the Blender foundation of a little support to people in LuxRender so have better chance of getting it all worked with blender. Not only cycles.

Seguimos algunos usuarios esperando algun dia ver Amd Cycles.O que la fundacion de Blender de un poquito de apoyo a la gente de Luxrender para asi tener todos posibilidades de tenerlo mejor funcionado con blender. No solo cycles.

Game engine with cycles!

distribuited render!!!

I believe neither of those are on the plans for 2.70… the current ideas for 2.70 are as follows from this wiki document –

2.70 ideas

Game Engine Level of Detail code review
Cycles Ubershader’ (combining diffuse, glossy, transparent, emission, fresnel)
Multi-view (stereoscopic) render and display support.
Pie menus
Save and load “template” blend files (like managing multiple startups)
Branch & Patch migration list

Unless you are mentioning that you have a branch that you want to commit for 2.70?

My humble list of requests:

  • Any character animation improvement is very welcome.
  • Integration to other sw workflows. FBX just improved, MDD works; how about Alembic? There are already mid-class sw supporting it (Modo, Mari, SpeedTree).
  • Curve modeling tools i.e. hard surface splines with easier design tools. It might also be related to OpenSubdiv…
  • Cycles: Volumetrics would be really great, any work on motion blur is valuable, OpenSubdiv (adaptive subdivision and displacement), Ptex support… All great stuff.

But, hey, what we got already is reason for gratefulness; I think the devs are making great job.

cycles view in the game engine would be fun to play with

A unified cache system for all objects that generate/use a cache. For instance the fluid system can use a frame offset when reading in a cache but the smoke system can not. All cache systems should have an equal level of support/features.

The “break forward compatability” is very discouraging to see. I am in the midst of writing a complex python AddOn and from this post this would mean that my AddOn will most likely break or not work on 2.7. This gives my AddOn a version life of 0.1. I just want to cry, there is no getting ahead of the game in Blender AddOn development. I am always playing catch up.

Forward compatibility is not backward compatibility. You will still be able to load old data. But you cannot load a new blendfile with old Blender versions anymore. Forward compatibility is not very common anyways.

I have stopped looking at add-ons apart from the bundled ones for the code rot issue; I cannot stand the idea of getting accustomed to using a tool and then sometime later somebody comes and takes it away.

scriptable simulations? (a way to define keys as a function of the values of keys in a previous frame)
support for animating an armature that has been linked into the scene multiple times. (armatures is one of the things that I am still appending instead of linking)

I would be hapy if normal map and bump would work correct.

Specia effects and lighting like here in 3dsmax,a better ligthing in gerneral :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with them atm?

When u have ball. And u take texture with a lot of scratches in all directions. And u set is as bump in Corona render will be like in real life, when u move spot lamp close to that lamp there will be ring sratches around that place where light hits. In cycles all scratches are just showed in place where light hits.

Normal map is giving this plastic feel…

That’s a problem with your material setup, not anything in BI or Cycles. All bump/normal maps do is perturb the surface normal by a scalar or RGB value.

-,- So if u are so good in materials show me working example. I use blender really long time since 2.4x. And they are not working.

I believe there was a mailing list thread saying that 2.70 is not being planned as the type of release that will break all of the addons, the bigger breaking changes as of now are slated to be reserved for the 2.8x series or Blender 3.0.

On top of that, there’s been no mention of the devs. requiring the breakage of forward compatibility, it’s just that if a developer’s been waiting to make changes that would definitely prevent the loading of new data in older versions, he can.

Kudos to Mr Ton Roosendaal for his great leadership in leading Blender into our present and to the next century. He is da man!

Now that they’re proving that they’re doing their utmost to please Blender users, we folks have to support the team in any way we can.

Big thumps up!

Cycles normal maps seem to be working how I would expect them to…

this is wrong because all scratches in all directions are showed up…

The proper working would be scratch ring. I will make a thread when i will make the correct version because right now i can’t find that topic. and i don’t have max.