Plant Character

So I’ve been working on this model for a few days now and was hoping for a bit of feedback. There are some texturing issues I need to work on, like the scale of the texture on the pot. The main thing I’m not sure about is whether it is obvious that there is a face and it is meant to be a character or if the face isn’t easy to notice. Also if there are any other suggestions they would be much appreciated as well as ideas about a scene to place it in as I’m struggling with how to use it.

The face is a bit hard to see. Part of that is simply its small size relative the the pot. But you could exaggerate the features to help them stand out. Perhaps use some more color in the bark for contrast, like bits of dark brown or green moss for eyebrows. Have you seen the ents from Lord of the Rings?

An idea for a scene is an overgrown greenhouse filled with the experiments of an eccentric horticulturist. You could make some other exotic plant / creature hybrids as well. Oversized venus fly traps, balloon-like floating seeds, vines with glowing fruit…

I’d like to see where you go with this first character!