Awesome render mate. I want to learn about the shader and the topology of these models. could you please share that here?


Impressive. Please don’t tell me these are modelled by hand.


Wow, these are nice :slight_smile: The celandine and the cumin have what I believe to be your best materials. The iberis amara has lovely materials as well. However you did the petals of the celandine, I’m impressed by the subtlety of detail and the remarkable faux velvet effect you’ve created. II’d love to know how you did it :smiley:

I also love the modeling of the milk thistle, you’ve nailed the very precise shape of those leaves. Those leaves in particular seem a little glossy or plastic, you could draw inspiration from your iberis leaf material for increased realism.

Lovely work!


As a CG artist, and an herb nerd, I really appreciate the work you have done here.

hey can you show use the node setup? is it procedural textured and hand modelled?

WOW!!! I almost can’t tell they’re 3D modeled.
Great Job!!
I hope your featured.

Fantastic work.

Insane details and realism. My respect.

insane work. Very clean renders, leaf geometry is pretty amazing, the shaders i cant fault, and the hair particle systems also looking perfect.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re #featured! :+1:

So cool! So real! Good work!!!

Any answers from the author? BTW the work is really INCREDIBLE!


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I call these project a masterful art. Cool Shkemy, thumbs up!!

Very impressive work

Wow. Outstanding!

Hole moly!!! These are beautiful, not only the renders but also looking at them as they are modeled. Stunning work and quality!!!

I think hands down these are the best and most realistic flowers / foliage ive seen so far. Just stunned how well it looks. I cant really spot any off here :slight_smile:

Could we see some wireframes :slight_smile: im so curious show it looks

Beautiful work, loved the leaves too!

They have no transcluency, causing them to look plastic.