PlantStudio exports to PovRay

(VelikM) #1

This is a test of the PlantStudio to PovRay *.inc export capability. I’ve been using PlantStudio for some time but always exported to vrml so I could import the plants into Blender. The file is useable but the scaling is way off (there may be a way to change the exported scale), even after scaling the plant to .25 it was still huge

This was rendered in MacMegaPov 1.0, nice program.

(Enzoblue) #2

hehe, plant studio drove me nuts. I learned and learned and still couldn’t get a plant to look anything like a typical plant. Methinks there’s too many options :stuck_out_tongue: Botanist only too imho, it’s like anatomy learning all those parts. Good for shrubbery I imagine, but the plants never looked like they’re growing towards the light. :stuck_out_tongue: